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What I Actually Used In My Hospital Bag

Being the planner that I am I packed my hospital bag 2 months before my baby was born, I was prepared for everything. I made a bag for baby, a bag for me and a bag for dad. For baby, I separated items in ziplock bags and labeled them so dad could find it easier!

Below is the list of everything I used while we were at the hospital:

Mom Baby Hospital Bag:

  • Lip balm: πŸ”— this was extremely helpful I had no idea how dry my lips could get before during and after birth
  • Sandals: πŸ”— to walk around, this are easy to put on and you could use it while in the shower as well
  • Dress pajamas: πŸ”— trust me you do not want to wear pants or anything that goes around your legs, the nurses/drs will come check you before and after delivery multiple times and they need easy access
  • A cozy cardigan: πŸ”— to go over your nursing tank top
  • Nursing tank top: πŸ”— I actually didn’t use a nursing bra at the hospital, I found a nursing tank top to be easier and less compressive to wear
  • Frida mom postpartum kit: πŸ”— okay I swear by this I think this is the one thing you can’t miss having I used everything in the kit! I got it for my friend when she delivered and I think every new mom needs this in their hospital bag, the disposable underwear were much softer and comfortable than the one the hospital gave me. The upside down peri bottle was also better than the hospitals and the instant ice maxi pads were so convenient to have. when I got home I continued to use the cooling pad liners and healing foam for 2 weeks, at my 6 weeks appointment my OB was impressed with my healing progress
  • Going home outfit: πŸ”— I didn’t want anything tight around me I wore this loose nursing dress with my cardigan on top
  • Hair tights: πŸ”— silk of course
  • Water bottle: πŸ”— my hospital gave me a styrofoam cup for water and I am so glad I brought my own bottle
  • Sleep mask: πŸ”— because is bright at the hospital 
  • Headphones: πŸ”— in case you need to listen to music or block the hospital noise

Baby Hospital Bag:

  • Going home outfit: πŸ”— one that’s practical and works with your carseat
  • 1 or 2 onesies: πŸ”— mostly for photos, the hospitals had baby W wrapped in a receiving blanket since is easier to check on baby vitals this way 
  • socks: πŸ”— babies can’t control their temperature, socks are great if you have footless baby onesies
  • nail file: πŸ”— Im so glad I packed this, babies are born with extremely long nails
  • baby hat: πŸ”— your hospital might give you one but bring one that you like in case they give you one with the wrong color 
  • swaddle blanket: πŸ”— these serve to cover baby, cover mom and baby while breast feeding, etc
  • receiving blanket: πŸ”— for photos
  • mittens: πŸ”— to protect baby from scratching their face. Baby W was obsessed with his hands and I’m so glad I brought these
  • newborn diapers: πŸ”— the hospital give you some, baby W had very sensitive skin and I’m glad I brought the ones I wanted him to wear
  • baby wipes πŸ”—
  • pacifier πŸ”—
  • car seat πŸ”—
  • diaper bag: for all of baby items, helps keep baby items separate from mom and dad

Dad Hospital Bag:

And here is what I didn’t use that I brought:

  • skin care
  • makeup
  • size 1 diapers: Baby W was too small for these
  • nipple cream: I didn’t wear nipple cream until I had my breastfeeding established
  • pump: the nurses at the hospitals suggested I wait until my milk comes on its own to establish a more accurate milk supply

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