Overall Verdict Best Greens Supplement: “Green Fuel” from envitamin 🔗

Some of the greens I ordered!

Firstly, I wanted to make sure I tested all of the leading greens products out there, but I also wanted to be fair in my process, so I used the criteria below:

  1. Focusing only on supergreen tablets or greens powder products. I didn’t want to test greens powders with extra protein, or products for different purposes.
  2. Only trying relatively popular brands– The ones you might find online or at a grocery store.
  3. Tested them for various factors (listed below), price, and health benefits.

I purchased and carefully tested 11 products that passed this test and would then go through the process below

  1. Each day, I prepared and tested a different greens product.
  2. I took one serving every day. I wanted it to be consistent. for at least a week.
  3. I tried the products in the morning, and took extensive notes and used the scorecard above (with my rating system) to rate the different products.
  4. I measured my level of energy and how I felt by the end of each day.
  5. I researched all of the ingredients in these products, their certifications, health benefits — so you don’t have to!
  6. I scored them on different factors (see below), calculated the final scores and ranked the different powders accordingly.

But What are superfoods and greens powders anyway?

There is no doubt: Eating veggies is one of the most healthy things you can do, according to the American Public Health Association. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to our lives as human beings.

We all know the importance of eating your greens, but how many of us choose these foods consistently?

​The challenge for many is that we need a large portion of fruits and vegetables with every meal.

​A number of people don’t have the time and dedication to wash, cut, prepare, and cook them for every meal. ​As a result, many are intimidated by “handling produce” and might just settle for some servings of vegetables here and there.

Not only that vegetables tend to go bad quickly, and you could easily be tossing hundreds of dollars of vegetables away every month if you aren’t careful.

For this reason, we think adding a greens supplement to your regimen is a great idea. Greens supplements can give you an “all in one” solution that covers you from A to Z for your bodys needs.

Unfortunately, not all greens supplements are built the same. That’s why its important to do your research (which we’ve done for you!) to make your selection of a product that is the right fit for you.

Not sure where to start when it comes to choosing a greens supplement? (Or not even entirely sure what they are?) This guide covers the essential need-to-know information about greens, plus our team’s top picks for the best green supplements in 2024.

According to the USDA, almost 90% of the US population doesn’t meet the recommendation for vegetables.[1]

So, Smartest Reviews did the hard work for you, by revealing what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for an effective greens supplement.

We even researched hundreds of greens prodcuts on the market to give you the 5 very best greens supplements for your digestion, weight management, and energy on the market today.

Top 5 Greens Supplements Of 2024

Our Top Pick

1. Green Fuel 🏆

By envitamin

Green Fuel from envitamin is a clear winner when we tested this Green supplement against others on the market. We love that its organic, the price is right, and the ingredients are high quality. We also loved its in tablet format, so you don’t have to make a mess stirring up a gross tasting green smoothie.

A+ Overall Best Greens Supplement 🏆

Amazing blend of superfoods and greens. These greens are not only reasonably priced, but loved by customers. We love that they come in tablet format!

Our Score


  • Tablet form – No need to make a drink
  • Contains organic greens blend
  • Supports Weight Management
  • Contains organic fruit & vegetable blend
  • Developed by a Dr
  • Great value for your money


  • Due to popularity, sometimes it’s on backorder/sold out

Shop Green Fuel

choose from the below options to shop Green Fuel at the best price, guaranteed.

2. Morning Complete Greens

by Activated You

We love this product & the brand, and we love the fact that it supports the gut and metabolism with probiotics.

Save up to 44% when you use the link below to order. Discount automatically applied!


We love this product and the fact that its recommended by a DPT & ISSA Certified nutrition specialist. The quality of this superfood + probiotic is unmatched. The greens superfoods in the formula were good quality.

Our Score


  • Fixes Internal Gut Lining
  • Immense credibility, Dr. formulated
  • I found the taste quite appealing
  • I liked that there was extra fiber in this product opposed to others that do not contain any.


  • Some customers said the shipping was slower than what they are used to.

3. Athletic Greens AG1

by Athletic Greens

Athletic greens is a popular greens powder. We like the complete ingredient profile however this package of athletic greens is over $100, which is overpriced.

Very Good

Expensive for what you get. We do like the ingredient profile, and felt energetic while using it, we were turned off by the price, which is why its only #3 on our list.

Our Score


  • Good nutrient profile
  • GMO free
  • Popular product on social media


  • Over 3x the price of our top pick. We wish it was less expensive.

4. Bloom Greens & Superfoods

by Bloom

The product is good, but we feel like it isn’t the best value for the money based on its ingredient profile and price. Bloom is quite a popular brand of superfoods. We thought the taste itself wasn’t as good as some other brands, but the ingredient profile was on point, which is why this made our list.


At $53 for a bottle plus shipping on their website, we thought that there were other greens powders that were better value for the money

Our Score


  • Good ingredient profile
  • Vegan
  • Made in a GMP registered facility


  • Some customers stated they received tampered with product, or that the greens powder inside the bottle changed from one order to the next

5. Greens Blend Superfood

by Amazing Grass

Overall ok product but the brand has some problematic formula issues.


The price is right, and many customers like the product, however the greens inside have a warning label that it may contain lead. We aren’t sure if this is just a regulatory issue the product is working on fixing, and if it weren’t for this we would have rated this product higher.

Our Score


  • Great price
  • Great ingredient profile


  • Customers complained of product changing from one order to the next.
  • Warning label on the side that the product may contain too much levels of lead. We weren’t sure what to make of this, and perhaps is a california state regulation?

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Greens Supplements that will transform your Health in 2024

  1. Thank you so much for this information asI have been getting ads for AG1 on YouTube for weeks. I already eat a lot of greens 4:5 servings per day and 3/4 servings of lower calorie fruits per day, $100 dollars is extremely overpriced! The review was fantastic, plus you saved me lots of time and money!

  2. AG1 made me so sick I was down for a week. And I started at their recommended 1 tsp for sensitive users,

    When I reported it, they cancelled my subscription, refused to reimburse me and basically threw me out like trash

    GOOD LUCK if you choose them. Overpriced and frankly, dangerous. And they surely dont have a customer focus based on my experience.

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